Family Law

Family Law

Family law usually has a drastic impact on one’s personal affairs. This is certainly true when it concerns divorce proceedings. To avoid having emotions take the upper hand, it is advised to call in an experienced well informed lawyer. Triple A Attorneys, not surprisingly has a vast experience in these matters.

‘One Shot Divorce’

By saying ‘I do’ during their wedding ceremony, couples seal a complicated and complex contract, submitting themselves to unknown rules, both in the present and for the future. Understandably, during the prenuptial romance it hardly crosses the couple’s minds that their marriage could possibly someday end up in divorce.

Divorce can be a serious life changing event for anyone. Therefore, having accessible information and specific knowledge at one’s disposal at that point in time are of crucial importance. Should both partners come to the mutual understanding that splitting up in the end is the best way to go, it will still be feasible to separate with a certain style and grace. Here’s where Triple A Attorneys come in with all its expertise. At the moment married couples can opt for either short divorce proceedings or risk the chance of getting entwined in a long drawn out version. Should both parties mutually agree on getting a divorce and also abide by its conditions, it is quite possible to carry out the proceedings within one single day. These so called ‘One Shot’ divorce proceedings certainly have interesting advantages which can be realized by Triple A Attorneys.

Advantages of a ‘One-Shot’ Divorce

  • A one-time appearance in court
  • Fixed low fee
  • All financial and property related matters dealt with during one sole session
  • Arrangements regarding alimony, child visiting rights, etc. taken care of in one single swoop

Procedure for the ‘One-Shot’ Divorce

First, it is imperative that both parties have reached a basic agreement on all conditions relating to the divorce. They could specify these conditions by filling out an intake form. For example, they could agree on dividing up the property (including the house) or concur on the amount of (child) alimony due. Obviously, Triple A Attorneys can assist with filling out this form. Upon submission of the filled out form a personal meeting will then be held with one of our lawyers at Triple A Attorneys. Hereby, it is crucial that both parties show up at this meeting.

During the meeting the specific lawyer at Triple A Attorneys will thoroughly go through the draft divorce covenant that has been drawn up on the basis of the filled out intake form. Of course, this draft contract between parties may be adapted to their last minute concurring wishes. Once the contract has been signed by both parties it will be sealed and therefore become binding. Obviously, also the divorce proceedings will be explained to both parties during this session.


In principle only one meeting at our office will suffice to set the whole divorce procedure in motion. Your Triple A Attorneys lawyer will then be able to take it from there.

Of course, it is quite possible that a wedded couple cannot come to terms regarding their divorce as indicated above, due to whatever personal or other considerations. Triple A Attorneys can obviously then also assist one of the parties in dealing with the more common day-to-day divorce proceedings.